Marketing Case Studies

CIimate Box tries to redefine vending machines and link their ease of use with innovative products made to be toggled and customised depending on the weather. Rainy day ahead? Here‘s some umbrellas! Heated up again? SPF Suncream ASAP!

LOOP was born after sharing a brainstorming session at one of our favourite product-branding classes. Although the popular trends orbited around Sustainability, for this project’s purpose, we chose to capitalise on the teenager target market (and created some cool GIFs for it).

Amazon Fresh had a great initiative when launching their new Fresh campaign in the UK. All students gathered together to come with new approaches to guerrilla advertising, from eye-catching to the use of info-graphics for better visuals.

“Liking isn’t helping” has been one of the most powerful Ad campaigns created for our study regarding communication and the psychology of it. Topics are related to shock, sustainability, and the use of emotions to get your point across.

Psychographic Segmentation seems to be the new dark magic. But more importantly, it seems to be the only way forward for Marketeers bumping into the Digital Era.

Other pieces of work have been involved with improving brand communications, their online customer experience and adhoc one-off companies needing help expanding their manufacturing facilities into other regions.