Costa Brava

Costa Brava

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Costa Brava tends to be a good focus for many tourists looking to find quiet beaches and beautiful landscapes nearby the sea. My family lived in a very remote area called Can Carbonell surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. Within a 20 minute drive you could find yourself laying on the beach;

To have such mixed climate allows the region to attract people who love both, the beach and the mountain and also offers us a wide variety of sports including climbing, hiking, diving and sometimes – if cloudy enough – light surfing; which is really what makes Catalonia so beautiful. 

I used to work in a pub during the summer season, as having multiple languages is always a plus when trying to find ways to earn money in the coast of Spain. Most jobs available at that time were focusing on construction and tourism as entry jobs, and although you can earn some good money for the summer, things can dramatically change from September onwards, as people really only have those hot 3 months to save $$$ for the remaining of the year. 

Those 3 Summer months are a great experience for anyone looking to gain work experience in Spain and can provide you with easy summer jobs which allows you to also meet many people, with many of them willing to go rent a bike, hire a boat, eat paellas, drink Sangria and just enjoy the best side of the Mediterranean culture.

If you ever want to visit this beautiful area of Catalonia, there’s awesome beaches in Aiguablava, Begur and the quiet ones are always named ‘Cala’ first, so pay attention to the names of the beaches when you drive around there. More beaches can be found here.