Porec, Croatia


Rating: 3 out of 5.

As my last year in Coventry University, our sports society (Cheerleading) joined others in a coach journey during 26 hours in route from England to Croatia. The organisers behind are called ILOVETOUR and has been doing this for a long time.

Years ago it used to be Spain, but this year location changed to Croatia. I would be lying to say it was a “learning” experience though. Seems like English students only have one thing in mind when visiting Porec: how many beers they could down. It was definitely fun, but 4 days there could translate into weeks as you spend all the time with the same group of people.

So if you are looking to go wild and have a bit of fun out there, then yes, Porec is the place to go – also pretty affordable prices for good quality food and drinks -. The beach there isn’t that great, but does the job. Their old-style iconic little streets makes you understand what they mean with the Mediterranean touch. Here’s the main things you can do in Porec..

Author: Fiona Johanna

Global citizen of the world

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