Caracas, Venezuela

Me as well as my mum were both born in Caracas, Venezuela. And if we didn’t move away when I was very little, if only we stayed there for a bit longer, who knows where I would be in my life right now.


I consider Venezuela as one of the wealthiest countries you will have the luck to visit -if you do, someday- from the wildlife, the wide variety of foods, the beaches, the Ávila, the music, the arts and the countless “I got to pinch myself” to believe the accessibility I had to a place with that amount of beauty.

As I was born there, I could have a bias, but the value you keep for living in such beauty cannot be replaced with any material thing. Although we did move away when I was so little, part of my family still lives in Caracas, and with them a sense of self still remains very closely identified with it.

If you’re Venezuelan and know where to get the following foods from, let me know: Arepas, tequeños, papas, pirulis, cheese wheez, cocosettes, Ovamaltina, colita fresca y bati bati.

Author: Fiona Johanna

Global citizen of the world

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