Rotorua, New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing experience, no doubt. It is not only amazing for the views and landscapes but for the people, the kindness and grace they all share when getting to know tourists. Everyone was happy to help us, and they were incredibly patient not only in the hostal we stayed, but even strangers in the streets.

We only had time to visit the northern island, which is so beautiful and peaceful. We booked our adventures with PeterPans Adventure Travel, they gave us amazing discounts for a range of activities such as zorbing, rafting, visiting the glowworm caves and the thermal baths in Rotorua.

Rotorua is also called the volcanic city, and its’ distinctive smell is hard to ignore once you arrive to the city. We wondered around and walked around different lakes, interestingly enough every lake had a different distinctive colour, from red, purple, yellows and greens…The colour of the lake can be attributed to rhyolite and pumice on the lake bed. You can read more about it here.


Author: Fiona Johanna

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