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Costa Brava

Costa Brava Costa Brava tends to be a good focus for many tourists looking to find quiet beaches and beautiful landscapes nearby the sea. My family lived in a very remote area called Can Carbonell surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. Within a 20 minute drive you could find yourself laying on the beach; To … Continue reading “Costa Brava”

San Diego

Some of my favourites were the Old Town San Diego, the tacos we ate at La Jolla and the Street Burritos close to Pacific beach. There’s so many food places around Ocean beach, definitely worth the visit.

Los Angeles, California

See some moments captured during my visit to Los Angeles with one of my best friends’ I made in uni.

Steve Aoki

I ended up spending some time with Steve and his crew, checking out some cool music and got to know a bit more of the life a photographer had – who tended to travel wherever Steve went.

Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Urfa, officially known as Şanlıurfa; Arabic: al-Ruha‎; Kurdish: Riha; Armenian: Ուռհա, romanized: Uṙha; Syriac: ܐܘܪܗܝ‎, romanized: Ūrhāi and known in ancient times as Edessa, is a city with a population of over 2 million residents in south-eastern Turkey, and the capital of Şanlıurfa Province.

Miami, Florida

For what we paid, Mangoes did not disappoint, although we ended up at Area 31. Here’s other bars and clubs you can visit.

Peniche, Portugal

Now, you can go against the anger as it is intimidating – better to stay away from it – or you can use that same anger in your advantage to ride the waves faster and better. It’s what you get ‘’from the other side of fear’’.


Hangzhou is one of the most breath-taking places I have been lucky enough to visit. This city is a life metaphor for calmness and balance. It is food for the soul or “Heaven On Earth” as described by some.

Los Roques

Los Roques is located up north of the capital Caracas in the Caribbean Sea. The area contains +300 islands and cays surrounding a large lagoon, which is all protected.

Taupo, New Zealand

To this day I still hear that ‘push’ my mind screamed back in New Zealand, but hidden within the most mundane tasks on a normal day. Would I do it again? Sure, but you pay me this time.


It was very difficult at first, the cultural adaptation, homesickness and more than anything, not knowing the language. It was very challenging, but it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t.

Hong Kong, China

In summary you will find yourself constantly surrounded by tall buildings, narrow streets and hectic crowds – specially in the Kowloon area – But if busy makes you ‘stressy’, you can always take off to Lantau Island where you can find quieter local beaches and less people around.

Beijing, China

There’s so many stories behind the people you meet along the way and so much culture bursting out of every item you find and get gifted with. I can’t recommend it enough. Try think about going before it disappears.


it can be described as smelling distinctly like rotten eggs, and truth be told, it is indeed an odoriferous city. The smell however grows on you

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Languedoc-Roussillon is located pretty near to the borders between France and Spain, and contains great beaches to visit. We rented a car and had a good playlist for the 2h ride there. It’s not the easiest journey when driving up North, you’ll get tricky roads and bumpy rides.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland’s town planners thoughtfully laid out Auckland over a large area so that when you are in Auckland the statistical chances of running into an Aucklander are as low as possible… jokes.

Skiing in Australia

Mount Buller is a resort village in eastern Victoria, Australia that will allow you to do exactly that. You can skii with your friends whilst enjoying a nice glass of mulled-wine (which tastes absolutely great).

Caracas, Venezuela

Me as well as my mum were both born in Caracas, Venezuela. And if we didn’t move away when I was very little, if only we stayed there for a bit longer, who knows where I would be in my life right now.

Collecting Experiences

25 years of moving from country to country, and this is just the beginning.